Landscape Planting

Landscape plantings are the "paint" in the picture of your property! If you've ever seen a newly constructed home without any landscaping, it might seem like something is really missing… This is what we like to call a blank canvas just waiting for the artist to add form, texture and color.

A well designed landscape adds dimension and texture. With a great selection of trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials, your landscaping becomes a true masterpiece. But your home's landscape can do more than simply look beautiful. It can save you money too! In fact, carefully positioned trees, shrubs and grasses can cut your summer and winter energy costs dramatically while protecting your home from the sun, controlling noise and providing privacy screening.

Our award-winning team of landscape designers and builders can add just the right landscaping that fits your style and improves the curb appeal of your home! Want to find out more? Contact GoldGlo Landscapes today or check out our Inspiration Gallery to imagine the possibilities!

Landscape Maintenance

Ever wished you had more free time to do the things you want without worrying about your landscape chores? Even landscapes designed to be low maintenance need care and attention! Protect and enhance your landscape investment with annual, monthly or weekly maintenance from GoldGlo Landscapes.

Landscape Maintenance

Choose from 3 levels of landscape maintenance or let us customize a schedule for your needs!

Gold Level

Designed to give you complete freedom! You won't need to touch your plants or beds all year long.

Silver Level

Our Silver maintenance plan will give you great flexibility without spending all your spare time maintaining your landscape.

Bronze Level

Designed to give you the Spring boost you need to stay ahead all year!

Spring Weeding, Edging, Clean-up and Mulching
Trimming and Corrective Pruning
Fertilization and Preen
Maintenance Visits (April - October)
1 Time/Month

Summer Visit
Fall Cleanup  

For details on our maintenance plans or to schedule service, contact GoldGlo Landscapes today!


Save time and give your new landscape the water it needs to grow and flourish with a complete irrigation system from GoldGlo Landscapes! Most newly installed plantings and lawns require regular watering for a minimum of one year. We can design a basic drip system on a battery timer that connects to your faucet. Or choose a fully automatic system that is connected to your plumbing. The automated controller will manage the zones throughout your property. Save money and conserve water by adding a rain sensor so the system turns off when the ground is moist.

Want to find out more? Contact GoldGlo Landscapes today for an estimate!

Outdoor Lighting

Add aesthetic beauty and home security at the same time with outdoor landscape lighting from GoldGlo Landscapes. A well illuminated home and landscape showcases the beauty of your home at night, while providing security and peace of mind. After all, there is a big difference between walking up to a home with properly designed lighting and a dark home. We can design and install complete low voltage LED lighting systems that use the latest technologies available on the the market today!

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