4 Patio Pavers That Look Amazing Laid in a Herringbone Pattern in Mechanicsburg, PA

Herringbone patterns are both timeless and on trend, as more homeowners are embracing the classic look on patios, walkways, and even driveways. Here are four patio pavers that will look amazing laid in a herringbone pattern in your Mechanicsburg, PA, landscape.

The Popularity of the Herringbone Pattern

A herringbone pattern is a V-shaped pattern the Romans called “opus spicatum” or spiked work. It requires uniformly sized rectangular pavers, and when finished, the surface is extremely strong. Some ancient Roman roads laid in a herringbone pattern are still in use today—a testament to their strength and durability.

The main appeal of this pattern is its texture and pleasing repetition. It may be considered a far more interesting laying pattern than the common running bond pattern (the brick laying pattern most commonly seen on walls). A herringbone pattern can be a perfect complement for horizontally laid bricks on a home’s facade, especially when laid on the diagonal. Consider that a diagonal herringbone pattern is not only visually interesting; it also helps make small spaces feel larger.

Patio Pavers in Mechanicsburg, PA

Oversize Patio Pavers

You can create a unique patio using oversized plank pavers such as the Promenade Plank from Unilock. This concrete paver is available in 12”x4”, 16”x4”, and 24”x8” sizes, custom colors, and a selection of finishes including brushed and tumbled, which will give your patio a truly one-of-a-kind look.

The beauty of using large-format rectangular pavers is that joint lines are minimized. If you love the aesthetic of the herringbone pattern but don’t love how busy it can look, look into using the biggest paver you can! A jointing compound that closely matches the paver color can result in an even more subtle pattern.

Natural Stone

Sandstone, which is usually available in warm earth tones, or limestone, which is usually available in cooler and more sophisticated gray tones, can be purchased in large-format sizes that will look stunning laid in a herringbone pattern, especially in large spaces.

Colorful Combinations

Most pavers are available in several colors, which gives you more design options. If you prefer to use two colors, lay the pavers in predictable color patterns within the herringbone layout, for an aesthetically pleasing look. If you use three colors, the best results could come from a random distribution where the only consistency is the laying pattern. A patio made with three colors laid randomly looks absolutely stunning!

Varied Sizes

While herringbone patterns do require the use of rectangular patio pavers, you can choose from a variety of width-to-length ratios to achieve distinctly different looks. Long, narrow patio pavers (think “skinny brick”) will create a very pronounced linear pattern. This requires precision installation because any imperfection will be immediately noticeable. By contrast, wider and shorter pavers are visually more forgiving.

Remember that a herringbone pattern can be laid in either a 45- or 90-degree angle and each look is different. As you work with your landscape contractor, experiment with sizes, colors, and angles to determine the best layout for your patio. GoldGlo Landscapes is here when you need us for inspiration and when you are ready to get started creating a fabulous new herringbone pattern patio.

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