5 Reasons to Include a Pavilion in Your Hershey, PA Landscape Design

5 Reasons to Include a Pavilion in Your Hershey PA Landscape Design
Pavilion in Hershey, PA

Being stuck inside on a beautiful day is no fun, but relaxing on the patio and suddenly having to grab your things and make a mad dash for the house when the skies open up and you’re in the middle of a great novel… that’s even worse! You can get so much more enjoyment out of your backyard with a permanent shelter such as a pavilion. Not convinced? Here are 5 reasons to include a pavilion in your Hershey, PA landscape design.

Permanent shelters go far beyond the obvious in protecting you from the elements. They are stylish additions to your landscape that add vertical interest to an otherwise flat yard and give you a sense of comfort no matter what Mother Nature is dishing out.

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A Stylish Outdoor Room

A pavilion is defined as a structure with four open sides, and a solid roof that is supported by columns. A pavilion can be a stand-alone structure or, more commonly, part of your patio. It makes the ideal shelter for open-air kitchens and dining spaces, as well as outdoor living rooms. A gazebo accomplishes the same thing (shelter) but a pavilion can be much bigger. It can cover part or even all of your patio! You can design a pavilion that’s big enough for a dance party, or intimate enough to fit snugly into a corner of the patio.

The Ultimate Gathering Spot

Creature comforts always win out over roughing it, for most people! Add a ceiling fan or two to help move the heat away from a kitchen, and the addition of a fireplace will keep the space cozy and inviting well into late fall and even warmer winter days. Imagine all the family gatherings that can take place virtually year-round under a pavilion! Celebrate birthdays, holidays, just-for-fun days… even weddings and graduations!

Increased Home Value

Today’s homeowners are even more attuned to the need for nature and the serenity of spending time outdoors. Homes that feature backyard pavilions stand out in the market as a feature that appeals to everyone (unlike pools, which can be a turn-off for some buyers). All other things being equal, homes with pavilions will sell for more. It’s easy for prospective buyers to imagine themselves relaxing in their pavilion. Sparking buyer’s imaginations with visions of outdoor enjoyment can sell a home fast!

A Comfortable Outdoor Office

Many people, by choice or by necessity, are now working from home and those who can, often set up shop outdoors on nice days. A pavilion offers more consistent and deeper shade than an open-roofed pergola, which makes working at the computer easier on the eyes, even on the brightest days. And of course you can also work in the pavilion even during heavy downpours. The soothing sound of rain may even spark greater creativity and focus!

A Fort for the Kids!

Give the kids a chance to play outdoors even in inclement weather. Kids get cabin fever just as much as adults do, but you don’t have to wait for good weather if they have a pavilion to play in. A pavilion also makes a wonderful private retreat for teens who can use a little alone time outside. Adding privacy curtains makes a pavilion even cozier; in fact, a pavilion is almost like a great big tent making it perfect for backyard camping adventures!

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