How Landscapers Near Me Upgrade Driveways in Hershey, PA

Driveway in Hershey, PA

If you’re tired of your asphalt or poured concrete driveway taking away from the curb appeal of your Hershey, PA, home, it’s time for a driveway makeover. Whether you add a few artistic touches that refresh the look of a solid-surface driveway or go all the way with a brand-new driveway surface, here’s how your search for “landscapers near me” can lead to an upgraded driveway and make it the envy of your neighborhood:

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Driveway Embellishments

If your current driveway is in good shape, you may wish to add a few embellishments to enhance its curb appeal. Here are five ideas on how landscapers can refresh a tired driveway.

1. Paver Apron

The addition of a paver apron can transform the look of an ordinary driveway. The entry to the driveway sees a lot of heavy wear and tear that can degrade asphalt and poured concrete. Adding concrete pavers in this area not only makes for a more durable and long-lasting surface, it also says “you’ve arrived” in style. 

2. Paver Borders

A brick or paver border in a contrasting color adds visual appeal to any solid-surface driveway and ties the driveway in with the colors of the home.

3. Masonry Entrance Pillars  

A formal driveway entry makes your home feel like a luxury estate. Masonry pillars are often enhanced with landscape lighting or planters for a warm welcome. Pillars can also house a mailbox for a clean and unified look.

4. Inlays

A brick or concrete paver inlay is an artistic addition to a driveway. Geometric shapes or artistic design such as a compass or your family initials let you express your personality and add flair to a solid-surface driveway without replacing the whole surface.

5. Landscape Lighting

Install low-voltage landscape lights along the length of the driveway, for just enough illumination to define the driveway’s edges and offer a warm welcome.

Complete Driveway Makeover

If it’s time for a complete makeover, it’s hard to beat the looks and durability of concrete pavers. No other material gives you as many options in design flexibility. Colors, shapes, laying patterns, and textures can be combined in endless ways to create a one-of-a-kind driveway. Concrete pavers are available in a multitude of styles to suit any design aesthetic. Whether you love the timeless look of brick set in a herringbone pattern, the stately look of granite, or the relaxed vibe of bluestone, there are concrete pavers that deliver on looks, while adding value to your home.

As a bonus, many concrete pavers are available in permeable styles for a smaller eco-footprint. Any water that collects on a solid-surface driveway will run off onto the lawn, any low-lying areas of the landscape, or out into the street. Runoff from driveways can overwhelm municipal storm systems. Permeable driveways allow water to seep into the ground below, where it re-enters the aquifer and does not run off. The pavers themselves aren’t permeable (in fact, concrete pavers are highly resistant to moisture infiltration to withstand the freeze-thaw cycle). The joints between them are slightly larger than in normal paver applications, and special jointing compound is used to allow water to seep through.

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