Why Driveway Pavers Beat Asphalt and Concrete Alternatives in Harrisburg, PA

Driveway Pavers Harrisburg PA
Driveway Pavers Harrisburgh, PA

When it’s time for a new driveway, you have two choices: Stick with the same old driveway surface, or give it an upgrade that instantly boosts curb appeal and value. Here’s why driveway pavers beat asphalt and concrete alternatives in Harrisburg, PA.

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The upfront cost of installing a new paver driveway tends to be higher than resurfacing an asphalt driveway or tearing out and replacing a cracked and crumbling concrete driveway, but the results should yield a significant return on your investment over the long term. Quality pavers are strong, hold up to the elements, require very little upkeep, and won’t chip, heave, or crack like poured driveway surfaces. They are also not as susceptible to damage from chemical deicers, especially if they are sealed. A professionally installed paver driveway is not only beautiful and durable, but speaks to a commitment to quality and pride of ownership.

Curb Appeal

A driveway can be so much more than a place to park the car. It’s part of the first impression that visitors get when they approach your home. With so many concrete pavers available today, you’re sure to find a style to complement your home’s architectural style, your aesthetic, and your budget. Pavers are also an opportunity to give your driveway an artistic touch with borders, aprons, and inlays for a one-of-a-kind welcome to your home.


Asphalt driveways collect heat in the summer and become dangerously hot for children or pets. Poured concrete, due to its weight as a monolithic structure, will eventually succumb to the freeze-thaw cycle and develop cracks, pits, and chips, which can be tripping hazards. Since pavers are individual units separated by polymeric sand, they remain stable through temperature fluctuations, and remain cooler in summer even if you choose a darker color.

Low Upkeep and Easy Repairs

Simple maintenance is all that’s needed to keep your paver driveway looking great, especially if the driveway pavers are sealed (this is optional, but will help prevent stains from leaking automotive oil). As long as leaks and spills are cleaned up and any migrating jointing sand is replaced, the driveway will remain stain-free and weed-free (polymeric sand won’t allow weeds to take root). In the unlikely event a paver should break from impact, it can be replaced individually without having to replace the entire surface. This also makes it much more convenient to install or access underground utilities.

A Smaller Eco-Footprint

A solid-surface driveway puts a strain on municipal stormwater systems and the surrounding landscape. A lot of water runs off a driveway during heavy rain or when snow melts. This runoff can cause flooding, or in some instances even make its way toward the foundation of the home. To combat this effect, some pavers are available as permeable styles. The pavers themselves are not permeable, but the joints between them are slightly larger to allow water to seep into the ground below, where it will re-enter the aquifer. Because these joints also allow heat to dissipate, permeable pavers help prevent the heat island effect that plagues asphalt driveways.

Instant Use

A paver driveway can be used almost immediately after installation, unlike concrete or asphalt which must cure for several days. 

A paver driveway adds instant sophistication and elegance to your home. You will instantly boost your home’s curb appeal and value—and help your home stand out in the neighborhood.

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