Complement Inground Pools With Water Features and Other Poolside Features in Harrisburg and Hershey PA Areas

Inground Pool Harrisburg, PA

Your inground pool is most likely the centerpiece for all of your summertime enjoyment. Pools are a great place to relax, let the kids splash around or throw a summer shindig for your family and friends. Is your pool customized to fit your personal taste? We have some ideas for how you can complement inground pools with water features and other poolside features, in Harrisburg and Hershey PA areas.

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A waterfall is a striking enhancement to the atmosphere of your pool, creating any look that fits your style from naturally rustic to classy and modern. Try a staircase of natural stone where water will tumble down into your pool, just as if it were cascading down the side of a mountain. Or, build a sleek masonry wall with smooth stone for a sheer drop of water. Extend your waterfall out over the pool to create a curtain of falling water. Either approach to a waterfall will contribute the calming sound of water to your backyard oasis.

A Poolside Water Wall

Add privacy and class to your pool with a water wall. Transform one part of your poolside fence to fit your preferred style, or build a small structure along one side of the pool that can double as a bench. Match the look of your water wall to the style of your pool, using tempered glass for a sleek and sheer look, or a wall of natural stone for a more dynamic and natural appearance. You can allow the water to drain right back into the pool if the wall is situated at the edge, or use a catch basin as an extra feature in your landscaping.

Laminar Jets

Create excitement and flair with graceful arcs of water that shoot into the pool. The sound of the jets splashing into the pool is softer than the sound of a waterfall, but still melodious and calming. Laminar jets are a versatile feature, and you can get endlessly creative in how you arrange them. Place them parallel to each other to create an archway effect, or allow them to cross each other in the air for a more exciting show. Illuminate the jets at night to create an captivating evening atmosphere.

Hot Tubs

A hot tub incorporates a new dimension and intrigue into your pool area. Consider adding a hot tub adjacent to your pool, to easily switch between the relaxation of either one. Try connecting a hot tub as a seamless addition to your pool with a spillover spa. Transform a flat landscape into a dynamic area of rising and falling features with an elevated hot tub.

Water Slides

Bring out your inner child with a water slide that lets you sail into the deep end. This splash of fun will keep your family poolside all day long! There are a variety of sizes and shapes that will fit your pool’s available space and match its style. Choose from many different options including straight, curved or even a waterpark-style corkscrew.


Fountains are to use as small or large features in the atmosphere around your pool. Place water pots or small fountains around the pool deck to accent the environment. Both water pots and fountains come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, from tiered fountains made with natural rock, to clay or metal pots that pour into one another, to carved figurines that create mini scenes around your pool. Water from the pool can be pumped into the fountain, and then filtered back into the pool.

Landscape Lighting

Enjoy your pool at nighttime as well as during the day. Pop in for a midnight swim with submersible lights, or accentuate features such as fountains and waterfalls with strategic uplighting. Create an environment of nighttime excitement or idyllic tranquility around your pool with landscape lighting. Experiment with designs that feature warm or cool light, different colors of bulbs, and installations on dry land and underwater.

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