Customize Your Pergola and Pavilion With Ceiling Fans and Entertainment Systems in Harrisburg, PA

Entertainment Systems in Harrisburg, PA

Your outdoor living spaces are an extension of your home, and an integral part of your lifestyle. A great outdoor space should have everything you need to live comfortably as an extension of your life indoors. With a few easy customizations, you can use and enjoy your outdoor living spaces throughout most of the year, from the breezy afternoons of spring, through the heat of summertime, to the crisp fall mornings. Customize your pergola and pavilion with ceiling fans and entertainment systems in Harrisburg, PA.

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Pergolas and Pavilions

A pergola or pavilion is a great place to find shade, shelter and relaxation. These structures are the focal point of your yard, and the go-to place for most of your outdoor enjoyment. Outdoor living does not have to be rustic or primitive; on the contrary, your pergola or pavilion can easily be transformed into a comfortable and luxurious extension of your living room and other indoor living spaces. From amenities such as entertainment centers and comfortable furniture, to outdoor eating and storage, you may find yourself spending more time on the patio than you do inside!


Why not enjoy the big game, or your favorite cooking show, in the comfort of your backyard living room? An outdoor entertainment center is the perfect excuse to invite friends and neighbors over for a watch party, or curl up with your sweetheart to watch your favorite movie.


Your outdoor furniture is what makes or breaks the entire space. The trick is to find furniture that is stylish, comfortable, weather proof and easily washable. Thankfully, modern outdoor furniture not only meets these requirements, but also is available in a wide variety of choices to suit your style and mood. Look into a couch and coffee table combination for a space where you plan to host family and friends. A dining set is the perfect place to gather for a family meal, and benches placed at the border of your patio can define the space and offer extra seating for large gatherings. A hammock is the perfect place to pass a relaxing afternoon, or take a mid-morning nap.


Just as you rely on your air conditioning or heating units indoors, you can create the same comforts in your outdoor spaces. Install ceiling fans evenly spaced out through your pavilion to ease the heat of summertime, and decorative yet powerful heat lamps that will keep you cozy as you stargaze in the winter.

Food and Drink

From modest grill stations to fully functioning outdoor kitchens, your patio is the perfect place to create and enjoy outdoor meals. Use one side of your pavilion or pergola to build a pizza oven or an outdoor bar.


Choose from a variety of styles of lighting that will allow you to enjoy your patio even after the sun goes down. Install ground lighting around the borders, or gentle spotlights up high in the eaves of your pavilion. For a fun and festive atmosphere, hang string lights across the beams of your pergola.


Outdoor storage in your elegant living space scan be creatively disguised, and must be secure against the elements and any critters that tend to wander into your yard. While a shed is useful for tools, machinery and other large items, there are many resourceful ways to create storage space in your patio area for the items you will need on a daily basis. When purchasing your outdoor furniture, look for benches or tables that include storage space. In an outdoor kitchen or bar area, you can incorporate cabinets or shelves into the natural stone facade.

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