Fitting Inground Pools Into Small Outdoor Living Spaces in Mechanicsburg, PA

Inground Pool Mechanicsburg, PA

You don’t have to have a large backyard in order to enjoy a dip in the pool. Small swimming pools are a hot trend that lets you maximize your backyard. Here are some design ideas for fitting inground pools into small outdoor living spaces in Mechanicsburg, PA.

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Use the Side Yard

If your side yard sees little use but it’s big enough to tuck a long, narrow lap pool in there, you could still keep your backyard nice and open and, at the same time, enjoy an amazing yet secluded oasis. Tucking a lap pool into a narrow space that doesn’t eat up the entire backyard lets you take part in multi-season outdoor living in the backyard rather than devoting the space to a pool.

Install a Cocktail Pool

A cocktail pool or dipping pool isn’t meant for swimming. It’s more of a delightful cross between a pool and a spa. Such compact pools can be absolutely magical if you add a waterfall and some lush plantings. They can be perfectly suited for use as infinity pools on a sloped lot where you still want a place to put a sitting area to soak in the view. The swim-up bar is optional!

Against the Wall

A small pool can extend up to a privacy wall on one, two, or three sides. You don’t need a pool deck all the way around! Seat walls around the pool provide definition to the pool area and overflow seating on the non-pool side.

A Double Duty Pool

Your new pool doesn’t have to be just a place for swimming or dunking. Add a waterfall that cascades into the water, and your pool becomes a dramatic water feature as well as a place to cool off on hot days! Install a slightly elevated pool with a hidden trench that filters the spilled over water to filter through a pebble base into an underground tank, and get pumped back into the pool’s filtration system. When the pool is not in use for swimming, it becomes a stunning reflecting pool!

Ditch the Rectangle

If a quick dip is all you want and you don’t feel the need to swim laps, then your pool can be any shape that fits into the available space: square, round, kidney-shaped, fan-shaped, teardrop-shaped, or horseshoe-shaped. Keep in mind that premade pools, such as fiberglass, may not be available in all shapes and sizes; however, with gunite, concrete or vinyl pools, you don’t have shape restrictions.

Cover it With a Deck

You can install a somewhat larger pool in a small backyard if you get clever about multi-purpose spaces. One idea is to build a pool that allows for deck sections over it when it’s not in use in the cooler months (and store them out of the way in a side yard or garage during swim season). This way, the space is usable year-round!

Keep it Simple

Minimalist detailing and multi-purpose furniture will help keep your pool area clutter-free. Water automatically gives a space a spacious look thanks to its reflective qualities, but the space around the pool needs to be simple to avoid a closed-in look. Vertical gardens are one solution that serves double duty to provide greenery and privacy. A monochromatic color palette also contributes to a serene and simple atmosphere.

No matter the size of your backyard, our talented designers and installers can transform your backyard into a fabulous retreat, and you can check “pool” off your wish list!
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