How Landscapers Near Me Use Landscape Lighting for Dramatic Effect in Mechanicsburg and Camp Hill PA Areas

Landscape Lighting

Your landscape is a beautiful space to enjoy during the daytime, but why pause your relaxation or activities just because the sun goes down? Enjoy your outdoor living space anytime with landscape lighting throughout your yard. Professional landscapers can recommend the right outdoor lighting installations for the mood you want to create, and to provide an extra element of functionality and safety to your home. Here’s how landscapers near me use landscape lighting for a dramatic effect in Mechanicsburg and Camp Hill, PA areas.

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The ability to enjoy your yard anytime of the day or evening is an important factor of customizing your home in a way that meets your personal needs. With the right landscape lighting, you can continue to enjoy the spaces that you would otherwise only get to enjoy in the daytime. With many different options for landscape lighting, you can find a style that works for your style and needs, while also staying friendly to your budget.

As you plan for the installation of your landscape lighting, consider each part of your landscape and the different lighting requirements that may be necessary to create the ambiance you’re looking for, and to contribute to the safety of your outdoor environment. For example, the lights that are used to illuminate the entryway to your home will be different from the dramatic uplighting features used to accent structures such as fountains. As you consider the functionality of your lights, think about bringing attention to focal points, highlighting textures, and setting the ambiance you desire for all of the areas around your house.

Uplighting and Downlighting

Highlight the focal points of your landscape with the use of uplights or downlights. These styles of lighting can come in a soft, ambient light, or a direct, attention-grabbing spotlight, to shine on elements such as trees, water features, retaining walls, garden sculptures, outdoor fireplaces or your home’s siding. Use these types of lighting to accentuate the textures of your landscape features, and transform the entire yard into a stunning work of art.


Silhouetting is a variation on the uplighting technique to accentuate interesting trees or structures in your yard. Use uplights to create a silhouette against the siding of your house or a fence. Experiment with different qualities or colors of light to bring an artistic flair to each silhouette. You will be able to see your favorite elements in your yard, and enhance their beauty with the effect of the silhouette lighting.


Bathe your landscape with the soft and welcoming essence of moonlight. These small fixtures are placed high up in trees or structures, to shine down on your lawn and imitate the gentle shine of the moon. Get creative with the placement of these lights in different areas and at different angles to mimic the real light of the moon. The beauty of your yard will be illuminated in a cool, calming glow, even on cloudy or moonless nights.


Accent your water features with submersible lighting so they can be enjoyed anytime. Use soft, warm or cool lights to create a romantic atmosphere, or brightly colored lights for a little extra fun. Enjoy the tranquil view of water rippling in the light, or take a quiet nighttime dip on a warm evening.

Accent Lighting

These lights bring a combination of safety and ambiance to your yard. Use ground lights to line your walkway. Place decorative lanterns or string lights throughout garden beds or around a patio. There are many popular and affordable options to add an extra bit of light where it’s needed in your landscaped spaces.

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