5 Ways to Customize Inground Pools in Hershey, PA

An inground pool can add beauty, value and endless enjoyment to your Hershey, PA back yard. There are more options than ever before when it comes to customizing your pool, but where do you begin? Do you want an upgrade that’s fun, functional, or both? Does your space need a minor makeover, or are you ready to make a big impression? Follow along and we’ll help you decide how to add that extra wow factor to your inground pool.

Wonderful Water Features

Water effects offer an eye-catching and artistic natural feature to your inground pool. A decorative fountain or waterfall instantly upgrades the look of any pool to create a truly luxurious feel. A water fountain that comes to life with built-in lights at night adds glamour, while a rocky waterfall feature can add a tranquil, natural feel. Want to go big for the ultimate upgrade? Consider adding a sidecar hot tub to your pool for an upgrade your friends and family will want to enjoy almost any time of year.

Inground Pools in Hershey, PA

Lush Landscaping

Make your inground pool the center of your own oasis with expertly designed lush landscaping. Consider lining your pool with shrubs or tropical plants for a natural way to add privacy from prying eyes, or add a sleek and simple rock garden for a modern zen appeal. Whatever you choose, make landscaping a part of the design plan to really turn your inground pool into a back yard show stopper.

Light Show

Do you dream about throwing a pool party your guests will really remember? Then light the way for illuminated features that are sure to wow. Consider color-changing underwater lights for a fun effect, or sleek and modern disc lights for a sleek accent. Pool lighting is the perfect way to enjoy your outdoor space even at night, whether you’re in the pool or just gazing from the patio. Whichever way you decide to light up the night, you’ll add a delightful and luxurious upgrade to your pool.

Pretty Patterned Tiles

Sometimes a simple tile accent is all you need to add sophistication and style to your inground pool. Whether you want to add an artistic mosaic or an all-over design, tile work is a sure way to make your inground pool stand out. Choose tile to match your home for the best overall effect, or pick patterns and colors to create a unique and eye-catching accent.

Spectacular Structures

Want to create an inground pool feature that will really wow? Go big and customize your pool with a spectacular structure. Imagine strolling over a bridge and enjoying a glass of wine on a mini island in the center of your pool. Or how about swimming right up to your own poolside built-in bar? You can eve get the kids in on the action with a cool slide that will make them feel like they are in their own private theme park. The only end to your possibilities is your imagination; what cool pool upgrades can you think of?

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