Picking Patio Pavers for Rustic Outdoor Living Rooms in Harrisburg PA

Patio Pavers Harrisburg, PA

It’s well-known that we feel better in nature. Now that we are spending more time in our homes and outdoor spaces, we have an opportunity to create outdoor spaces that are at one with nature. Surrounding yourself with greenery is a big part of it, but you can also make your patio space feel more natural and rustic. Here’s a quick guide for picking patio pavers for rustic outdoor living rooms in Harrisburg PA.

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A rustic outdoor space feels perfectly integrated into its surroundings. This means choosing colors that blend in rather than stand out. Avoid pavers that are too bright and light, and choose natural colors that are inspired by local stone as well as the dominant colors of your landscape. 

Bluestone (one of the most popular stones for rustic outdoor living spaces) is known for its rich bluish tint, but you’ll also find tremendous color varieties in each stone that include greys, browns, tans, and purples. This is a stone that works especially well in the Harrisburg area landscapes, since the stone is native to the area! If you prefer the convenience of concrete pavers, there are several that mimic the look of bluestone. When choosing colors for your patio, be sure to complement your home and anchor it to the landscape, rather than mirroring its style. 


Rustic styles are often associated with fairly pronounced textures; but this doesn’t mean “rough to the touch.” A hand-hewn texture isn’t about a perfectly smooth surface; it’s about bringing out the beauty, and paying homage to a time when all stone was cut by hand. Whether you choose natural stone that is hand-cut, or concrete pavers with irregular edges, embrace the character and the imperfections that make your outdoor space feel right at home with nature. Concrete patio pavers are made to be barefoot-friendly, even those that mimic the beautiful textures of flagstone or other natural stone. Natural stone as well as concrete patio pavers are available in smooth or more pronounced textures to give you exactly the look you want.

Shapes and Sizes

Achieve the most rustic appearance by choosing paving stones that are not uniformly sized. You can choose completely random stones such as uncut flagstone. Or, if you want to simplify installation, choose uniformly sized and shaped pavers, but create a design that uses three different paver shapes/sizes for a natural and relaxed look.

Laying Patterns

Rustic laying patterns don’t have to be completely random (as you would find with uncut flagstone, for example). If you prefer a more structured yet relaxed look, choose paving stones that are available in multiple sizes so you can lay them in rancom-looking “Ashlar” patterns. These patterns typically use a large rectangle, a small rectangle, and a medium-sized square. Although the pattern is repeated, it has a more rustic feel than linear laying patterns such as running bond or herringbone.


To create a seamless transition to the softscape, avoid highly contrasting borders that bring attention to the patio. You can create attractive borders by using more subtle color contrasts. Or, you can use the same paving stones as your main field - for example, a small rectangle - and simply lay these pavers at a 90 degree angle to the main field.


The transitional areas of your landscape are just as important as your outdoor living spaces. Use the same patio pavers to create walkways that join various areas. Walkways can use the same laying pattern as the patio for a cohesive look; or, you can use large-format pavers to create a beautiful transition to the softscape, simply by laying them individually and separating them with grass, groundcovers, moss, or gravel.

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