Ways That Inground Pools Can Be Customized to Suit Your Needs in Hershey, PA

Inground Pool Hershey PA
Inground Pools in Hershey, PA

An inground swimming pool can transform your backyard into a private oasis. Taking your time in choosing the right custom features will make all the difference to your long-term enjoyment. Here are a few ways that inground pools can be customized to suit your needs in Hershey, PA. 

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The Pool

The shape of your inground pool drives all other design considerations. A rectangular pool naturally lends itself to a more formal pool area, while a curved pool would give your backyard a more relaxed and natural vibe.

Pool Deck

An attractive pool deck will make your pool look great all year, whether it’s swim season or not. The pool deck needs to be safe, easy to maintain, spacious enough to comfortably accommodate swimmers and loungers, and of course attractive. Concrete pavers are a wonderful alternative to poured concrete. They’re much more durable, attractive, safer, and easier to maintain. 


The area around the pool contributes to its aesthetic appeal. You can make a pool feel like a natural lagoon by partially surrounding it with boulders and lush plantings. Or you can make it feel like a sophisticated spa with the addition of a living wall of cypress trees, a manicured lawn inlaid with large paver stones, and a few fire bowls.


Keeping children and pets out of the pool area can be accomplished with a variety of fences, each of which has its own appeal: a chic glass fence is great if your pool area has views you want to preserve; a tall teak slat fence provides elegant spa-like privacy; a wrought-iron fence gives the pool area a sense of classical elegance; and aluminum fencing is a maintenance-free and affordable alternative to traditional wrought iron.


Many people opt for patio umbrellas for shade, but patio umbrellas require constant repositioning and the fabric is only durable enough for a few seasons’ worth of UV exposure. A more sophisticated and permanent solution is a pergola, which lets loungers enjoy relief from the sun while still having a clear view of the pool area.


Add an outdoor fireplace to your pergola spot, and you’d have the perfect way to warm up after a swim—and a fireplace can extend your enjoyment of the pool area! It’s the ideal spot to get away with a good book, even months after the pool has been drained for the season.


A minibar with a mini-fridge and ice maker to your poolside space would prevent endless trips to the house in a dripping swimsuit.


Add a sheer descent waterfall, water jets, a cascading waterfall, or even an elevated hot tub/waterfall to your pool area for more visual interest and ambience. There are endless design opportunities for adding water features that transform your pool area into a luxurious retreat.

A Tanning Ledge

For a beach-like feel, installing a tanning ledge gives you the sensation of sitting at the edge of the beach as waves gently caress your feet, without the sand. It’s also a great shallow area for smaller children to play safely.


Dense evergreen shrubs or trees provide a natural privacy screen. You can also construct a privacy wall. Whether it’s a luxurious wood like teak, or a masonry wall, the wall can be customized with landscape lighting, climbing vines, built-in seating, or water features.

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