4 Questions to Ask When Choosing Landscapers Near Me in Lemoyne, PA

A new patio or other major landscape renovation is a big investment, and you want to work with companies that will do work you will be happy with for years to come. That’s why you want to search for “landscapers near me,” compare your bids, and the expertise that you come across. Here are four questions to ask when choosing landscapers near me in Lemoyne, PA.

Do You Have a License?

It’s in your best interest to only work with licensed professionals. For one thing, you’re more likely to get the quality of work you expect. In order to receive a trade license, landscapers generally must demonstrate knowledge of their profession. A license gives you assurance that the landscapers you hire are dedicated to their craft and has high standards.

Licensed contractors are required to carry insurance. They must carry liability insurance to cover any damage to your property or injury to non-employees caused by the landscaper. And they need workers’ compensation to protect the company and employees in case of an on-the-job injury. 

Licensed contractors also must be bonded. A surety bond guarantees that work is done to your satisfaction, on time, and on budget. It protects you from liens against your property if the landscaper should fail to pay a subcontractor or supplier. 

Licenses and insurance are very expensive, so bids from licensed landscapers are likely to be higher than bids from non-licensed contractors. But you get what you pay for!

The question about insurance is an important one for your own sake and liability. If landscapers cannot provide current proof of insurance, do not allow them to do any work on your property. That’s a risk you don’t want to take.

Can I See Your Work?

Ideally you want to see projects similar to yours. This isn’t always possible; however, their past customers may be willing to show you around. This is a positive indicator of quality work!

During your in-person examination of a hardscape, look at the overall design as well as the small details. When looking at softscapes, check the quality of the plants, how well they are spaced, and whether plants are installed in the best location that allows them to thrive. If a design feels wrong, ask why certain design decisions were made. It may be at the homeowner’s insistence, and nothing to do with a designer’s plan.

Do You Have References?

Ask to speak to past customers and see what they say to these questions: How did the company communicate with you? Were the crew pleasant and professional? How did they manage problems and delays? Was the project completed on time, on budget, and to your satisfaction? And did the company maintain a clean and professional work space? Landscape construction can take weeks and have an effect on your routine. You want to make sure you’re going to enjoy having them there while they transform your landscape.

What Do You Recommend?

Ask prospective landscapers for recommendations (within your budget). You may be surprised at how innovative some are! They may have clever solutions for awkward spaces, or help you get more value by recommending changes in materials. If they seem unenthusiastic about what you’re hoping to do or your home, you may want to walk way.

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