6 Ways to Revamp Your Inground Pool in the Mechanicsburg, PA, Area

For inground pools that are starting to look dated, it’s time for an upgrade. There are many options, depending on your desires and budget, to give you the fresh style and amenities you’re looking for. Here are six ways to revamp your inground pool in the Mechanicsburg, PA, area.

Change Out the Pool Deck

If the pool itself is fine but the surrounding pool deck could use an upgrade, you can achieve this with a pool deck makeover. If your pool deck is poured concrete, you can give your pool instant sophistication and appeal by installing pavers. Concrete pavers are the modern alternative to flagstone and bluestone, and they offer significant advantages including a non-slip surface, easy maintenance, and durability. They come in a huge variety of styles, colors, shapes, and sizes so you can create exactly the look you want.

Inground Pool in Mechanicsburg, PA

Add a Water Feature

A cascading waterfall or sheer descent waterfall—whether it’s made using boulders or stacked stones—adds visual interest as well as the soothing sound of moving water. This is also an opportunity to bring some greenery into the pool area to create the feeling you’re in a lush, secluded lagoon. There are no limits with regard to design, so have fun, and transform your pool into a relaxing getaway!

Change Up the Lighting

Many older pool decks have lighting for the purpose of safety, but they may not be particularly attractive. Installing specialized low-voltage light fixtures is a way to create the ambience you want. For example, you can highlight special features in the landscape, or create the feeling of being at a luxury spa by changing out your outdoor lighting.

Install an Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit

This addition packs a serious wow factor. A natural gas or propane fireplace or fire pit can be the best option for poolside, since you don’t want to be dealing with messy wood splinters or ashes. Fire gives chilled swimmers a place to warm up, and it also extends the use of your pool deck into the cooler months (even when nobody’s going anywhere near the water).

Add Permanent Shade

Patio umbrellas don’t provide enough shade for more than a few minutes as the sun makes its way across the sky. Instead of constantly repositioning patio umbrellas, install a cabana. This will shade a larger area, and also offer protection from the rain. A cabana can also help to create an outdoor living space right at poolside, which adds to the sense of luxury.

Add a Minibar

To prevent endless trips to the house for cool drinks, install a minibar. This can be a permanent fixture much like an outdoor kitchen, with a mini fridge, sink, and prep area, clad in stones that match your pool deck pavers. Or, it can be a rolling cart that you can put away when the season is done. The ultimate in luxury is to add a minibar in a cabana; complete with a fireplace and minibar, this creates a poolside retreat that will completely transform your enjoyment of your pool.

Any of these upgrades will make you fall in love with your pool again. For design ideas or to start planning your poolside makeover, give us a call!

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