9 Design Ideas for a Pool and Spa Fit for a Staycation in Camp Hill PA

9 Design Ideas for a Pool and Spa Fit for a Staycation in Camp Hill PA
Staycation in Camp Hill, PA

You never have to feel stuck at home if you have the right amenities. Meeting the needs and wish list of the whole family isn’t always easy but a few special touches will let you enjoy your own private backyard paradise, and everyone will be happy. To inspire you, here are 9 design ideas for a pool and spa fit for a staycation in Camp Hill, PA.

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Stack the Fun

Planning a great outdoor space means more than two-dimensional design. Make your backyard pool area interesting by stacking elements. For example, elevate a hot tub so that it’s several feet above the pool; a spillover spa combined with a waterfall will make your backyard a showstopper that’s always filled with the sights and sounds of water!

Think Small

A small pool won’t eat up your entire backyard - a plus if you want to enjoy other activities in addition to swimming. Small dipping pools (also called cocktail pools) are a hot trend because they require less space, less maintenance, and unless you want to swim laps, they’re perfect for summer fun. Small pools also make use of awkward spaces where a full sized pool won’t fit. To make a small pool feel larger, you can go vertical with additional elements like a dramatic sheer-descent waterfall or an elevated spa.

A Baja Shelf

Everyone loves the beach, and you can recreate a beach vibe in your pool with a Baja shelf. This shallow entry into the pool offers a place where small children can play, and for adults to relax in the water without being completely submerged.

Laminar Jets

It doesn’t get much more fun and dramatic than a jet of water shooting over or into the pool, especially at night when the stream of water is lit up to create the illusion of a solid glass-like arc.

A Natural Lagoon

If you love the feel of a tropical getaway, start with a free-form pool and spa, surrounded by lush natural landscaping. Add a few “secret” grottoes where swimmers can duck under a masonry shelf, a cozy cabana with a bar, a pebble beach with a gas fire pit, comfortable lounge furniture and colorful lanterns to complete the look of an island getaway.

A Lap Pool

Turn an otherwise forgotten side yard into a single-lane lap pool so you can stay on top of fitness in any situation. When the pool is closed up for the winter, stylish teak decking can be placed over the pool to give you extra outdoor living space for outdoor games and cool-season entertaining.

An Elegant Spa Retreat

A private retreat lets you completely unplug from the rest of the world. Soothing neutral colors, monochromatic greenery, living walls, and minimalist furniture and decor will set the scene for relaxing afternoons by the pool.

A Waterpark Experience

If you have the space, add an island with a slide to your pool for endless entertainment for kids, and it can also be a botanical masterpiece filled with potted tropical plants. 

A Cozy Spor to Relax

Shelter from the sun, wind, and rain is vital for any backyard retreat. A cabana, gazebo or pavilion will give you a comfortable place to relax. Add a few amenities like a bar, TV, and gas-fueled fireplace and you’ll forget you even have an indoor living room!


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