All The Ways Inground Pools Can Be Customized in Harrisburg, PA

All The Ways Inground Pools Can Be Customized in Harrisburg, PA
Inground Pool Harrisburg, PA

If you’re wondering about all the ways inground pools can be customized in Harrisburg, PA, here’s a list of what’s trending, what’s timeless, and what’s unique. There’s something here for everyone, from large families to couples. We hope you find plenty of inspiration to turn your backyard pool into a staycation-worthy retreat!

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Adding water effects upgrades the aesthetic of your pool and offers endless fun, too. Laminar jets, waterfalls and fountains that empty into the pool are fun to swim around (or under, or behind) and they transform the entire pool into a water feature even when nobody is in it.

There are slides, and there are slides! Consider a slide that empties out into a lazy river before meeting the pool… or a slide built into a waterfall… to turn your backyard into your own private water park!

In terms of decor, a colorful or sophisticated accent tile can add an eye-catching accent to your pool.

Surround your pool with vegetation that doesn’t shed much, but provides beauty, interest, and even privacy. Cypress trees and boxwoods make for a lovely dark green backdrop for ornamental grasses, flowering perennials, and ground covers. Depending on the feel you want - for example tropical or spa-like - choose plants that reflect your theme.

You can’t use your pool all year in PA, but you can enjoy using your pool deck all year if you add a fire feature and protection from the elements! A pavilion that features an outdoor fireplace is the ideal solution: keeping you cool in summer, warm in the colder months, and giving you a reason to go outdoors even when the pool is closed down for the season.

Security fencing is important if you want to keep children and pets out of the pool area, but you can think beyond “fence” and more in terms of security becoming an architectural feature. One way to accomplish this is with a tempered glass or acrylic fence. It doesn’t break up the lines of sight within the space, and preserves the view. A horizontally-oriented teak slat fence offers privacy and a sophisticated spa vibe along with it!

Use lights to your advantage to create unforgettable nighttime scenes. Underwater lights that change colors are a great way to change the lighting scheme to fit the mood.

Keeping children and pets out of the pool area can be accomplished with a variety of fences, each of which has its own appeal: a chic glass fence is great if your pool area has views you want to preserve; a tall teak slat fence provides elegant spa-like privacy; a wrought-iron fence gives the pool area a sense of classical elegance; and aluminum fencing is a maintenance-free and affordable alternative to traditional wrought iron.

Add a baja ledge (or tanning ledge). This gradual sloped descent into the pool makes it look like you’re at the beach (without the mess of sand). It also provides a shallow pool for the little ones, and adults can cool off without completely submerging themselves.

Add a mini-bar with a beverage fridge to keep people in wet swimsuits making endless trips to the kitchen.

An elevated hot tub gives your pool area an added dimension. It’s fun to relax in a hot tub, especially when you feel like you’re “above it all.” Add an overflow feature with a waterfall for even more drama and fun.

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