Create a Luxurious Backyard With an Inground Pool and Patio Pavers in Mechanicsburg, PA

Create a Luxurious Backyard With an Inground Pool and Patio Pavers in Mechanicsburg PA
Inground Pool Mechanicsburg, PA

Your backyard should be your summer oasis. Whether you’re looking to enjoy peaceful solitude or are eager to impress family and friends, one sure way to create your haven to beat the heat is with a thoughtfully landscaped inground pool. Here’s a quick guide for how to create a luxurious backyard with an inground pool and patio pavers in Mechanicsburg, PA.

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Your Inground Pool

If you don’t already have a pool, there are plenty of options to fit your space and style. If you have limited space in your yard, explore pools that come in unique shapes to fit almost any area. Smaller pools with a beach entry - a very slight slope that serves as your entryway into the water - are perfect for creating a relaxing setting where you can dip your legs into the water or sit poolside with a book.

Larger pools can also come in a variety of shapes, or a more traditional rectangle, and offer more options for creating a shallow end and a deep end. With a larger pool, there is plenty of room for kids or adults to play or exercise.

There are many choices for the hardscaping around your pool. Concrete pavers are a practical way to spruce up your poolside atmosphere. They provide a safe, non-slip surface even when wet, they come in a variety of patterns and colors, and will retain their quality over the years with proper care and maintenance. Keep the following details in mind when choosing the right type of paver for your pool’s needs.

Patio Pavers

  1. Practicality: Certain types of pavers are better than others when being used around your inground pool. Be sure to look for pavers that feature a non-slip texture. Some smoother pavers can still be safe and slip-proof even when large amounts of water get splashed out of the pool. In addition to ensuring that the texture is safe from accidental slippage, also consider how it will feel on your skin and your swimsuit. Choose a texture that won’t rub or snag when you are sitting poolside!
  2. Color: Pavers are a naturally cooler option to hardscape your pool area, since the joints between them allow hot air to escape. However, choosing lighter colored pavers will keep your pool deck even cooler on hot days. When choosing a color that complements your home’s style, keep in mind that the paver’s color will become darker when splashed with water.
  3. Pattern: The size, shape and texture of the pavers all contribute to the creation of a unique pattern. Choose from a modern plank-like style, traditional large-format squares, or classic square, rectangular or hexagonal shapes. Some pavers are available in packages with varying sizes that can be arranged to create a more natural varied appearance. A smoother texture will give your pool area a more sleek and modern look, while textured pavers (such as pebble or flagstone) provide a more natural and casual atmosphere.
  4. Maintenance: Any poolside paver will require refinishing, typically every 3-5 years, however there are a few features you can look for when purchasing your pavers that will help keep the maintenance process simple. Choose pavers with a surface finish that resists stains from pool chemicals, algae and food or beverage spills. Many pavers are already permeated with sealants that will help retain color and guard against the elements. Purchasing pavers with a warranty will also give you peace of mind when accidents happen.

Although there are so many aesthetic choices for your poolside pavers, there is something out there for almost everyone. Custom options for features such as color or finish are also available to ensure that your new pool deck is exactly what you need for your summertime utopia.

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