How Landscapers Near Me Use Fences and Gates to Maximize Curb Appeal in Mechanicsburg, PA

How Landscapers Near Me Use Fences and Gates to Maximize Curb Appeal in Mechanicsburg, PA
Fences and gates in Mechanicsburg, PA

The right fencing can enhance your home’s curb appeal. As you search for “landscapers near me” and wonder how your own Mechanicsburg, PA, landscape can be enhanced, you’ll be glad to know that your choices are much broader than the traditional white picket fence.

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How Do Fences and Gates Boost Curb Appeal?

Many people love to feel a sense of enclosure at home. It’s cozy and comforting, and it feels safe. Putting a fence around the front entry helps create a feeling of being embraced and welcomed into your home. 

Fences and gates also help integrate the home into the surroundings. They create a buffer between the home and the landscape, but it’s not a solid buffer like a wall; instead, fences offer a peek into what’s beyond, whether you’re looking in or out. 

A gate says, “You’ve arrived” and it’s an opportunity to express your creativity.

How Do Landscapers Use Fencing to Improve Curb Appeal?

The style of fence used will depend on the function. A functional fence has different materials and dimensions than a strictly decorative fence. The same principle applies to gates.

A classic picket fence makes an attractive addition to a traditional, suburban, or cottage style home. Picket fences can be between 2 and 4 feet tall, depending on whether the fence is functional (such as to contain a dog) or strictly decorative. While they don’t offer privacy, their neat appearance defines boundaries and helps create a unified look, since they can be painted the same color as the trim of the house.

Wrought iron fencing adds a historic touch to your home. Traditional finial-topped wrought iron fencing pairs best with the same types of homes as wood picket fences, where it adds a slightly more formal and elegant look. Contemporary homes tend to look best with a simple wrought iron fence with clean lines and minimal decorative accents. Wrought iron fences can be left to rust naturally (for a stunning contrast next to a rustic or ultramodern home) or painted. For example, they could black for a formal look, vivid red for a fun pop of color, or deep green that blends with surrounding foliage. When it comes to artistry, the sky’s the limit with wrought iron: Iron can be shaped into virtually any design. Wrought iron is a practical fencing material used to provide security as well as beauty.

Fences in front of the home are generally designed so they don’t obstruct the view of the front door. However, if you feel that your front door is too exposed, a landscape contractor can install a partial fence—for example, a trendy teak slat fence—that blocks the immediate view into your living room but doesn’t make visitors feel unwelcome.

When it comes to gates, one source of design inspiration is the surrounding fence. For a unified look, stick with the same material. This looks especially elegant when the gate is set between masonry pillars. Or make the gate a focal point by choosing a complementary material or create a bold artistic look by using something fun and whimsical such as an antique bicycle wheel or an old painted door.
Gates can be more like doors—completely solid—or light and airy, where they define the space without blocking the view. The choice of materials and design depends on the feel you want to achieve.

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