3 Different Types of Inground Pools in Camp Hill, PA

As the summer begins to heat up, thoughts naturally turn to the wonders of inground pools. Is it time to add one to your Camp Hill, PA, landscape? The following types of pools and tips can help you weigh the options of the best type of inground pool for your landscape.

Vinyl Liner Pool

Pools with vinyl liners tend to be steel wall and cement wall pools. Both of these constructions are structurally sound and can be formed in any shape you desire. You can vary the style and look of a vinyl liner pool since the materials are so versatile. Keep in mind that the vinyl liner itself will not last indefinitely and must be replaced when it begins to corrode.

Inground Pool in Camp Hill, PA

Fiberglass Pool

A fiberglass pool arrives as one piece with the steps, seating areas, and even sun decks already built in. This type of pool allows for a faster installation and has the lowest maintenance costs associated with it. This is not the pool for you if you want a custom shape or size, as this type of pool is pre-formed before it arrives. However, the pool area can be dressed up with a pretty paver or stone pool deck to create a more custom appearance.

Concrete Pool

A concrete pool has virtually no limitations and can be customized in many combinations. The pool hole is dug to mimic the final shape of the pool, after which the plumbing is installed. Next, rebar is constructed like a cage to hold the concrete. Once the concrete is applied, it may take approximately 30 days to cure, but other work can take place such as installing the pool deck and any other landscape features that you have chosen to accompany your pool area.

The interior of the pool can be any color that you choose, including a pebble, glass bead, or quartz finish. Contrasting banding of decorative tiles, porcelain, or most any other tile or stone can be added to create dimension and interest. The pool edge can form a lip or be virtually non-existent. The concrete pool is the kind you want if you would like a vanishing edge.

Budgeting for Indoor Pools

Having a predetermined budget can help when you talk with pool and landscape professionals. Often, the amount of money that you feel comfortable spending can make some of the decisions for you. Many pool builders have ideas for helping you space out the cost of a pool, while allowing you to enjoy the cool water and fun that a swimming pool provides.

Pool Surround Features

When selecting the materials for your pool’s decking, be sure to remember that you want a stone that matches your home’s aesthetic and exterior colors. A paver that stays cool in the hot sun, is not slippery when wet, and is comfortable to the touch in the hottest part of the day could be crucial to the comfort and enjoyment for you and your guests. Pool installation specialists can guide you on the best choices for your pool so that you end up with a cohesive, lovely pool design.

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