4 Things to Consider When Choosing Patio Pavers in Enola, PA

A newly built patio becomes the place where you will enjoy endless hours dining outside, gathering with family and friends, and simply taking in some fresh air. To make this vision possible, you know you want to add the beauty, durability, and quality to your outdoor living space that patio pavers have to offer, but you may have questions on exactly what kind of pavers to choose. Here are a few points to consider when it comes to choosing patio pavers for your Enola, PA, home.

Deciding on the Right Size

You might end up feeling like Goldilocks when it comes to deciding on the size of your pavers. When looking over pictures of your landscaper’s past projects, one set may seem too big, another too small, while you want pavers that are “just right” for your patio project. The size of your patio pavers may depend on what will complement your home in the most attractive way. Do you want patio pavers that are the same size as some of your other landscaping features for a matching look, or would you prefer a contrasting size? Ponder this question as you look at photographs of patios and note the kind of patios that catch your eye. You may find that the right size for your patio depends on the style you want to convey—larger pavers tend to be found in modern landscapes while smaller pavers seem more rustic.

Patio Pavers in Enola, PA

The Shape of Your Patio Pavers

Square, rectangular, asymmetrical—deciding on the shape of your patio pavers could begin with the pattern you want to create for your patio surface. A traditional cobblestone style motif may call for square pavers, while herringbone patterns can work best with rectangular shapes. Going for a truly fancy look? European fan paved patterns call for a mix of shapes and sizes for an end result that’s sure to impress.

Choosing Color

Perhaps the most important aspect of choosing patio pavers is the color. It’s important to pick pavers that will complement the color of your home, so you could focus on an accent elsewhere in your landscape to bring out in your patio. For example, if your roof is gray, then a mix of gray colored pavers could be an excellent choice. If you have wooden accents on your home, a mixture of taupe and brown pavers would complement them nicely. Or you may want to opt to be bold by choosing a mix of colors for a look that really draws the eye.

Looking at Texture

Smooth and sleek, or rugged and rough? The texture of your pavers is an important aspect when it comes to choosing what style you prefer. The gathering spot in front of your rustic outdoor fireplace may benefit from smooth patio pavers for a much needed contrast. Think about whether you’ll spend a lot of your time barefoot and what type of surface would be most pleasing when you step outside. When you’re relaxing in your landscape, where will your eyes roam, and what type of view will be enjoyable? The size, pattern, colors, and textures in your patio pavers should all be elements you will want to admire for years to come.

Spectacular Structures

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