Best Patio Pavers for Outdoor Projects in Harrisburg, PA

When guests arrive at your Harrisburg, PA, home, are they greeted with a wide walkway to the entry? Easily navigated steps? A patio large enough to hold everyone comfortably? If not, consider refreshing your landscape or designing from scratch an outdoor hardscape feature that uses the best patio pavers.

Characteristics to Look for in Patio Pavers

While they might be called patio pavers, in reality these pavers can be used on most any outdoor surface. However, there are some characteristics that you will want to look for when choosing patio pavers for your next outdoor project.

First, you may want to focus on pavers that are non-slip since you would never want your visitors to slip and fall from slick paving stones. Other considerations will be the color, sizes (you may want to varied sizes depending on your pattern), and texture. Texture can be a difference-maker in the final appearance of your hardscape feature, so you’ll want to pay close attention to this element as you finalize your paver choice.

Top quality patio, driveway pavers in Harrisburg PA
Patio Pavers in Harrisburg, PA

Old-World Style

If you love the look of old-world Europe and the worn, elegant streets, then you could choose a patio paving stone to mimic this timeless style. With worn edges and an authentic brick color, old-world paving stones can be used in a driveway, patio, or walkway with equal beauty. The dimensions allow for the curving sides that accompany these outdoor areas and can have any other type of paving stone for a contrasting border.

Contemporary Style

YouIf modern is what you seek, then a more rectangular patio paving stone in hues of gray, tan, or rust could mesh perfectly with your home’s architecture and exterior finishes. Placed close together in the laying pattern, a rectangular stone can also present a classic look for a traditional home of black and white exterior colors. These patio paving stones can be the ideal choice for a larger area as the pattern is clearer and cleaner in appearance.

Multi-Size Square and Rectangular

Fit together in a pleasing pattern of repeating squares and rectangles, this paving stone is a popular choice for any application or project in your landscape. Laid on a patio or driveway and bordered with a brick stone, this multi-sized stone choice is dramatic and long-lasting.

Granite-look Stone

Beveled edges and a granite-look surface of a paving stone give a true elegance to any patio or porch. Granite is a classic choice for both modern, traditional, and cottage style homes. This paving stone never goes out of style and brings a rich color and clean, geometric look to any outdoor surface.

Natural Stone

A natural stone will give you a more irregular appearance for your outdoor hardscape since natural stone is quarried from the earth. Natural stone is strong and durable and beautiful.

An expert landscape design/build firm can guide you through the process of choosing the right patio paving stones for your property. Its professionals can walk your Harrisburg, PA, yard with you, take measurements, take notes and suggest creative ideas for you to consider.

Once you see the drawn up plan that shows how the patio pavers will look in your project, you will have a clear idea of the materials, process, and the cost. After that, the refresh or new hardscape will begin to transform your backyard.

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