4 Pergola Design Ideas for Your Backyard Space in Camp Hill, PA

If you look on your Camp Hill, PA, backyard and feel disappointed about its lack of visual interest, it may be time for a change. Consider the merits of adding a pergola to your patio or backyard to bring some style to those outdoor areas. Here are some design ideas that will really bring your backyard to life.

Advantages of a Pergola

A beautifully crafted pergola can extend the time you spend outdoors. When you would normally retreat to the indoors as the daylight fades, the outdoor “room” the pergola defines for you can allow you to remain outside longer. Because a pergola has no walls, the evening breeze can flow through as you relax and read your latest thriller. Friends can visit longer on the comfortable furniture that is nestled under your pergola, and when you look up, what you see could be blooming vines winding around the rafters.

Pergola in Camp Hill, PA

Attached Pergola

If you prefer to keep access to a pergola close to the house, consider having the pergola structure tied into your home. With the pergola covering the patio, you can step out of the door right onto a delightful relaxation or entertaining space. Add a table and chairs and you can dine al fresco, or complement that space with comfortable outdoor chairs for the a perfectly curated spot to rest while the kids play in the yard.

Freestanding Pergola

Your pergola can feel like a destination when you situate it in a specific place of the backyard. An unused corner can be the ideal place to give your backyard more visual appeal with a wooden structure—while giving you something to look forward to after a long day of work.

A freestanding pergola can hold a quirky hanging bed for napping or reading, or you can place comfortable couches underneath to sit and chat with your friends and family. You could leave the floor grassy or elevate the pergola off the ground with a wooden floor. With colorful blooming vines climbing the sides and top, and bright pots of flowers, this spot will become a daily destination.

Pergola with a Bar

If you prefer a pergola that is meant to enhance your entertaining, consider building a bar underneath yours. Your landscape contractor can likely build any size bar. With gorgeous rock details and the bar top you love most, such as a thick wood plank or muted blue-gray slate, an outdoor bar will equate to more fun for you.
Incorporate an all-weather refrigerator within the bar itself and you have everything you need for a planned or impromptu party. A landscape specialist can add lighting for later when the sun sets, as well as protected speakers for your favorite music.

Special Additions

Your pergola can be as fancy or steamlined as you want. If you want to add a working chandelier that twinkles at night when the darkness has descended, you can do that. Any type of lighting may be added to your pergola to extend the use longer in the day. If clean and simple are more your style, consider adding industrial light fixtures to illuminate the structure.

You can have warm throw blankets to curl up and chat, or even a fire feature, such as an outdoor fireplace, to add warmth and ambiance. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to how you want your pergola to bring beauty and functionality to your landscape.

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