10 Best Ways to Spend This Summer Under Your Pergola in Harrisburg, PA

Improve your summer by bringing some much-needed shade into your backyard. With a pergola, you’ll be able to enjoy more of the summertime fun because you won’t need to seek shelter when the sun shines bright—you’ll have the perfect spot to take a break from the heat. Consider these 10 best ways to spend this summer under your pergola in Harrisburg, PA, and you’ll be sure to find inspiration for even more activities to enjoy in the shade.

Relax in a Hammock

Summer should be about relaxation, and nothing beats a hammock in the shade for this purpose. Relish the breeze, and take a time out—for yourself. With a covered pergola, you could even nap without worrying about sunburn.

Pergola in Harrisburg, PA
Pergola in Harrisburg, PA

Enjoy the View

A traditional pergola encourages a “chilling out” attitude that lets you admire your beautiful landscape with dappled shade. With a pergola, the summer won’t pass you by without real enjoyment of your outdoor property.

Sip Some Wine

A glass of wine in the later afternoon will be even better when it is sipped from the shade of your backyard pergola. Wind down your day while enjoying the luxury of your outdoor space and the pleasure of a day well completed.

Work in the Fresh Air

Whether you work from home or often have to bring a few leftover tasks home after hours, the change of pace of working outdoors will make any work stresses melt away. You will have the feeling of a vacation amid the fresh air, even when you do have work to do. With a shaded pergola overhead, you won’t have a glare on your laptop or the need to wear sunglasses when you’re working outside.

Read a Book

Relish a mental getaway with a summer-worthy novel and the refreshing shade of your pergola hardscape. The heat and the glare of the sun will be no match for your summertime reading intentions!

Grill Every Meal

Take advantage of the longer hours of daylight and summertime weather by grilling regularly. Add an outdoor kitchen to your pergola area to complete a remarkable landscape for summertime perfection.

Dine Al Fresco

There’s nothing like dining outside, and it’s even better when the whole family can join you. When summertime scheduling keeps the family together at night, al fresco dining makes the experience more pleasurable and beaks up the monotony of daily life. A pergola provides shade to enhance the experience further.

Entertain Friends

When friends come to call, sitting and gossiping together are the anticipated activities. An outdoor seating area covered by a pergola provides a natural setting for you to comfortably enjoy a long visit.

Watch the Kids Chase Lightning Bugs

One of the most enjoyable activities of summer is watching children chase fireflies. You won’t miss a moment when your viewing station serves as the focal point of the backyard.

Catch the Sunrise or Sunset

Summer would be incomplete if you didn’t make it a point to take in the sunrise or sunset. With relaxing seating under a pergola, you can take in the beautiful sights without any glare affecting your comfort.

A pergola makes any patio space more usable and can also enhance the overall value of your home.

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